Avestar pursues opportunities for Wealth Creation in tandem with our client's overarching strategies for Wealth Preservation across our client's balance sheet, helping them balance financial rewards with risk mitigation.

Our Distinctive Process

An Integrated Balance Sheet Approach

As an independent, registered investment advisor, Avestar Capital embraces our fiduciary duty to place our clients’ best interests first, and achieves this through an open architecture approach, allowing access to an unrestricted range of investment and financial resources.

Serving as a multi-family office, Avestar provides our clients with institutional quality solutions that go beyond prototypical captive platforms - by creating access to private investment, special situation deal flow and unique fund management opportunities - often associated with boutique investment banks and specialized asset managers.

With a highly organized approach, Avestar looks to re-engineer a client’s balance sheet with the specific objectives of identifying growth opportunities, preserving capital, building a multi-generational legacy, whilst meeting the client's philanthropic or other financial objectives.

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